About the author – Sue McIntyre

I am a plant ecologist with an interest in managing land as well as writing about it.

I have worked in a range of ecosystems in eastern Australia, but mostly in eucalypt grassy woodlands with the University of New England and CSIRO.  I grew up amongst them, researched them for over 20 years at and have now settled on a patch near Gundaroo NSW.  Jon and I live at Gang Gang a small property on the slopes of the Yass River Valley.

I contribute monthly to our local newsletter the Gundaroo Gazette, and write about landscapes and the plants and animals that live in them, including the humans.  As the Gundaroo Gazette has a modest circulation, I am making the articles accessible though this website.

I have been a research partner in a major woodland restoration experiment located in the north of the ACT.  The Mulligans Flat – Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment involves a number of restoration treatments as well as introductions of regionally extinct fauna such as the Eastern Bettong, the Eastern Quoll and the Bush Stone-curlew.  For details see:

My scientific publications can be viewed on:

and copies of papers sent on request.

Welcome to Gang Gang.

Sue McIntyre